About us

Faropoint is a fully integrated industrial investment firm founded in 2012 and has been actively engaged in the commercial real estate market of the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions of the United States. The company is selectively locating value add properties, managing, stabilizing and enhancing performance in order to resell and actualize upside potential.



Our model is based on producing significant and stable returns from combining cash flow features, capital gains and our ability to allow the investors the opportunities to keep rolling over the funds and maximizing returns, over time, at a carefully measured and calculated risk.



We rely on creating expertise in specific markets and nurturing our local relations, which have been meticulously developed and maintained throughout our investment history. The company focuses on different commercial real estate sectors – Logistics, Manufacturing, and Industrial.


We strongly believe in alignment of interests, and therefore, Faropoint is a true capital partner that invests in each project alongside its investors. We adhere to conservatism throughout our operations, from finding the right financing and carefully leveraging our deals to introducing a responsible reserves policy to each one of our investments.     

  Over 10M SQFT Acquired

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Over $600M Acquisitions 

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